Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion

Info for 6th-12th graders:

Outreach Updates:

Our group has allocated over $1,200 in outreach since November!  It all started with an annoymous donation of $300 from one of our members.  The kids decided to add to that with fundraisers including donut sales and cookie/cocoa mix sales.  It was our joy to help finish a playground at Synergy Safehaven House, adopt a family for Christmas through Operation Breakthrough, send money to Kenya to support a family in need to name a few.  Thanks to the generocity of our congregation and the kids' hard work on fundraisers, we were able to pay so much forward!!!! 

Youth Fusion:

Youth Fusion gatherings are the first and third Sundays of every month at church from 5:30pm - 8pm during the schoool year.  A typical night includes dinner, large group, small group, games and outreach planning.  

Our next gathering is March 20th.  We will have dinner and play a "Clue"-inspired Bible Detective game around the church.  Synergy Safehaven House, a domestic violence shelter, has asked us for help in stocking their clothing closet for spring.  We are very proud that such a great charity would turn to us for help - God is at work through our efforts, that is for sure!!!  Feel free to bring gently-used clothing donation items for women or kids.  A small prize will be given to the group that brings the most items - will it be middle school or high school?     

These are no-cost events and friends are welcome.   
We are working on a dodgeball night in April.  Stay tuned for details.  

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