Mission Statement: The Stewardship Team is dedicated to exploring the resources of the church and studying ways the partners in ministry can maximize their use. We believe that giving of a person's time, talent, and treasure leads to a well rounded attitude of stewardship. 

Team members: 

Steve Fogt

Art Lujin

Tommy Tedford

Kris Smither- Council Liason

Jennifer Smith- Team Leader

Who we serve: 

The church and all partners in ministry as well as visitors from our community. We strive to develop,in these groups, a deeper understanding of stewardship. When a person understands that stewardship is about all of the gifts we have been given and not just money, we come to understand our own role in God's ministry better. 

Typical Activities: 

We publish monthly articles in the church newsletter, we plan various activities throughout the year to maintain an ongoing stewardship campaign, we offer support to other teams as they face difficulties in their duties. We pray for guidance, wisdom, and optimism to be granted to our church and all those who enter its doors. 

When do we meet: 

We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm in the church office. Any interested person is welcome to attend on either a casual or more regular basis as they choose.


We are actively seeking feedback from partners in ways that we can improve our church and the use of our resources. Please feel free to submit any suggestions to: (email address)

Any questions may be directed to: 

Jennifer Smith