Our Staff

Our Staff
After many conversations, much prayer, and an abundance of thoughtful deliberation, Gloria Dei adopted a new mission statement in January 2015:
Together with Christ,
our mission as Gloria Dei is
to nourish people
and empower them to grow and share in God's mission.

To help guide our community in living out this mission, Gloria Dei has assembled a fine staff of leaders, who serve to gather all the gifts God has poured out on this place, to engage us with the power of God's love in our midst, and to inspire us to spread God's love in the world.

Rev. Edd Wunderlich

Pastor Edd started ministry at Gloria Dei on July 1st.

            Email                           pastoredd@gloriadeikc.org 
            Office                           (816) 741-3150


Glen Anderson                          Administrative Assistant

Glen stepped in when Becky became ill.  She is still learning the position and is just now realizing how much Becky did for the church.

            Email                          ganderson@gloriadeikc.org
            Office                          (816) 741-3150

         Director of Music                    Allan Aunspaugh

            Office                          (816) 741-3150